Thursday, May 7, 2009

May I borrow your cat?
I spend a lot of time on flickr looking at other crafters creative spaces. I've notice most of them have one thing in common, well other than be very talented creative people. They all seem to have a cat. I use to have a cat, but since I'm catless atm, I thought I would borrow Lisa Long's cat for my blog. Or should I say her son Ben's cat. I took this photo as I set enjoying a beautiful morning on their porch. Now I use to have a cat that looked very similar to this one, only he a had a black spot on the tip of his nose. Billy got him for me our first Christmas together. I suppose some day I will get a cat, after all every crafter should have a cat for their crafting space. Right?


Lesley said...

Now you know I agree with that sentiment fact I have two!!!
Lesley x
ps you can borrow them any time.

Anonymous said...

He he that's cute, I'm cat-less (Is that a word? as well, but I have something better, LOLLY!!

Zoechaos said...

Beautiful cat. How can you live without one!? you can borrow piccies of my IMPS anytime you wnat hun.