Thursday, March 31, 2011

On My Porch

My New Trellis This is a picture of my new trellis. I wanted a place to grow some Morning Glories on my craft cottage porch. So I asked my sweet husband to build me a trellis with some lattice, he had laying around. While I was standing outside telling him what I wanted, my eyes wondered over to this little gate. He had just helped my sons knock down this little fenced in area at their apartment and this little gate was sitting there waiting to be hauled off to the burn pile. No way I was going to let them burn this little jewel, it would be perfect for my porch. I had vision!!!!! So he added the little gate to my trellis. Then I had him add some chicken wire, so I could hang decorations from it. He had added the wire before I painted it so the chicken wire ended up with white paint on it, so it doesn't show up in the pictures. I've started putting stuff on it, but it still needs more. That's part of the fun looking for things to decorate it with. I think it makes my little porch cozy. Today my friend and I sat out there watching the birds and enjoying the nice weather. Now I can't wait for it to fill up with pretty Morning Glories growing all over it!!!
My friend Ruth gave me this nest and eggs( they were abandoned). She thought they would look pretty in my craft cottage. I put them out on my new trellis for now, but I will take them back inside, before it gets too hot here in Texas. Which could be an hour from now, next week or in a month? In Texas you never know for sure.
Here are my baby Morning Glories. I know that I went over board growing this many. I just wanted to make sure I some survive, I've not had much luck growing them before. So the way I see it, the more I plant to better chance I have of growing enough to cover the trellis.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Times

My Art Class

I teach an arts and craft class to 4 little home schooled girls, I know there are only 3 in the photo. The 4th one hadn't started my class when this photo was taken. This is one of my favorite pictures, they are taking a break from class here. They love to play on my hammock!! We were going to make paper at our next class, however it's suppose to rain that day. So we will wait until it's nice sunny warm day! And in two weeks we are going to make a mini scrapbook. I have so much fun teaching them, they are such a joy to me!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Old Chicken Farm Art Center

A few weeks ago I went with two of my former college friends Kay and Sally to San Angelo, Texas for a Baptist Student Union Reunion. While were in San Angelo, we went to The Old Chicken Farm for their First Saturday of the Month Day. The weather was wonderful! If you ever find yourself in San Angelo, Texas on the first Sat. you should check them out.
Here Kay is trying to pick out a mobile to put in her office, they were so pretty and so many different ones to chose from.
It wouldn't be Texas without some down home music!

This is what I bought while I was at the The Chicken Farm. These pretty lace hankies to use in my crafting. I only paid a dollar a hankie!! I love a good deal when I find it!
Close up of one of the lace hankies.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Cup of Comfort

This is another "Cup of Comfort" wall hanging I made.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tussy Mussy Holders

Tussy Mussy are a small bouquet of fragrance flowers. Here is a link that tells more about the Tussy Mussy . I made the blue one on the left some time ago. I used some blue handmade paper, white lace and little silk flowers. I just made the one on the right today. My husband had given me the pretty lady figurine when we were first married. She had a run in one day with my son's ball. I tried to repair her with some glue and if you didn't look too close.....well. When I was unpacking her from our last move it seems she had broken again? The crafter in me couldn't bring myself to throw her away!! I had so much fun making the blue Tussy Mussy holder knew I wanted to make some more. I decided I should make one to put my pretty lady in!! I had bought two pink doilies a few months ago. I loved them, they were so delicate looking. I wrapped one of them around the velvet blue paper I used to make the cone shape. I made the lady a skirt of white tulle. Tucked her in the Tussy Mussy holder and added some vintage flowers I bought at a garage sale last summer. I think it is the perfect home for her!! Now I can enjoy her again!!!

Happy Birthday Texas

Windmill under a clear blue Texas sky.

Today is Texas Independence Day, Happy birthday Texas!!! Texas 175 years old. I took these pictures in Huntsville, Texas a few years ago.
Sam Houston