Friday, May 27, 2011

Altered Bottle and Fabric Tag

I really enjoy doing altered art of any kind. This an old vintage bottle I added some fun things to. The pendant with faces are from my collection of old vintage photos, the pendent was originally an older piece that I either got at a garage sale in a box of costume jewelry or it was in some stuff someone gave me. I can't remember which, but I had fun redoing it . I have a photo of what it did look like before I changed it.

This is "The Before" picture.

Not the best picture, but this is "The After" picture

This a fabric tag I made for a very sweet fellow blogger, I hope she likes it!

I made the little bird nest out of copper wire and I made the eggs out of polymer clay that I tinted light blue with just a small amount of blue clay added to white clay. Then I shaped them into egg shapes, put them in the copper nest and baked them. The nest is about the size of a quarter.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In My Herb Garden

I'm not the best gardener and I don't claim to be an Herbalist, but I do enjoy growing herbs in my little herb garden. Last year my friend Pam of Thyme Square Farms suggested I try Bee Balm in my garden. I had a hard time finding it, but one day my husband and I were in a home improvement store. I wondered over to the garden area. I asked if they had any Bee Balm plants, the lady said we just gone some on a truck a few hours ago. So I bought one plant and took it home, planted not really knowing too much about it. It grew, but not much. This year inspite of a drought we are having in Texas, it has taken off!! It had spread and has been putting on the prettiest blooms. I was told by my gardening friends that it makes a great tea! So I picked a few leaves and let them brew in some hot water. They were right it was delicious!!! And good for you too!!! I read that a cup before bed will help you to sleep. It can also be used to cook with and that the flowers are very attractive in salads. I would highly recommend it if you like to grow herbs.

Here is a picture of one of the blooms from my Bee Balm, Monarda fistulosa(pink).
My bee balm has spread into my oregano, that's the plant with the small white flowers. The taller plant in the background is my bee balm.

Tea I made from my Bee Balm leaves, it had kind of a minty taste. Another name is for Bee Balm is Horsemint. I sweeten it slightly with just a small amount of raw local honey. But I tried it before I sweeten it and it was sweet enough to drink without the honey. But I wanted to try it with honey so I could compare it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tanda Teaser Card "Get Well" Theme

I made this card for the Tanda Teaser at Tanda Stamps. Sue organizes the Tanda Teaser. The theme this time was "Get Well". I've had this cute bear stamp for along time, I colored it using water color pencils. I think this would make a nice card for a child or someone who is a child at heart. Anyone can join in the Tanda Teaser and you don't have to use Tanda Stamps.
The other two cards I made are not for the Tanda Teaser, but I thought I would post them anyway.

I made this card for a young friend who just graduated from high school. These are her favorite colors. The stamps are from Stamp-n-Up.

I made this card for a friend who loves horses, sorry I can't remember who made this stamp.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm So Blessed

This last week I have been so blessed by several friends with some wonderful gifts!!! I want to share with you the photos and thank each one of you!!!!

This adorable bird flew here all the way from Washington State!!! It was a gift from one of my new blogger friend Sherry, you can see her wonderful blog, Blessing From Our Nest. I love it and will treasure it Sherry, you are a very talented lady!! Thank you so much!!

This ceiling fan is one of my Mother's Day gifts, my sweet hubby gave it to me. I've been waiting along time to get one. Before I just had wires hanging from craft cottage porch. Now I can sit out there on warm summer evenings and sip my favorite peach ice tea. And when it gets dark I now have a porch light!!!

This beautiful wine glass was a gift from my dear friend, Ruth. She painted it herself. Isn't it pretty. I have another piece she's painted and I treasure it too!! Again Thank you so much Ruth!!!

This came in the mail today, all the way from the UK, my blog friend and Tanda forum friend Tasha from Chicken Licken"s Creation, sent me these very cool and pretty napkins to use on my paper crafts!!! Thank You Tasha!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Memory of my Mother

As we all know this Sunday is Mother's Day here in the USA. So in honor of my mother I thought I would post a few photos of her. Her name was Mary, she was the youngest of four children. She was born and raised in England. She met my dad while he was stationed in England, they married there. He brought her back to Texas, where they made their home. They were married over fifty years. My mother died in 2001 after battling cancer for eight months. She was a loving and giving woman. She worked in the public and sometimes it seemed that everyone knew her. It was hard to walk through a store with her, because we were constantly being stop with "Hello Mary". Up until her illness she was a bundle of energy and was always helping people in any way she could. I miss her very much!! I would say, if you mother is still with you give her a big hug and tell her how much she means to you!!!

My dad and mom

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage Pictures

These are the vintage wedding photos I found at the Antique Show in Montgomery, Texas on Saturday.

Vintage post cards I purchased at the Antique Show last Saturday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


On Saturday I had a wonderful day. Mostly because I got to spend it with my wonderful husband. He has a new schedule at work and he now has Saturdays off. He had heard about a Antique Show in a small town not too far from us Montgomery ,Texas. I had several items I was looking for. I prayed as we drove there about what and even how much I would like to pay for what I was looking for. Number one being vintage wedding photos at a price that was affordable for me. I was so blessed I found some wonderful ones. I haven't taken a picture of them yet. But what I did take a picture of was the buttons and a few of the vintage postcards I bought. You see our Lord cares about us so much and He wants to bless us. I give Him all the glory!!! I got all these buttons for $4.95 and the postcards for .50 each. These will look great on my art projects!!!