Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Knots In My Life

The other day when I was at my embroidery class. My friend made a comment, that her sister would not approve of her embroidery piece. She went on the say that the back was not pretty and neat.
It got me thinking, my life is like that embroidery piece in many ways. Knotted, frayed ends, threads that start from one point going to what seems to be a random direction, crossing other threads. Some places it resembles a pattern, there are even beautiful colors worked into it. I may try to make it neat and pretty. No matter how hard I try, it still looks messy.
Then I asked myself, is it my handiwork or is it God's? When I look up at it I see a mess, but when God looks down at it He sees a beautiful picture! Without all those messy knots that handiwork would fall apart. So I thank God for the knots in my life, no matter how bad they may look. Others may not always see me as a beautiful piece, but God does. Maybe we need to look pass the messy knots and the frayed ends in ourselves and in others to see what God sees. A beautiful work of art!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

San Angelo Sheep

Here are few more of the sheep in San Angelo. I took these in the Summer of 2008. My sister's friend and I dragged my sister out one very hot afternoon to take these pictures. I have more that I will post next time. I understand that they have added more sheep, so I'll need to go and look for them on another trip to San Angelo.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

San Angelo Texas

Well since I can't my new camera's memory stick to load up on the computer. I decided to post some older photos. This last summer I went to San Angelo, TX to visit my sister. It just won't be the same if I didn't go to the local quilt shop. Every Friday morning they have a free work day. Women bring what ever projects they are working on and bring it to the shop. They work on their project and visit. This is where I got the idea to have a Craft Day in my Craft Cottage. Outside the shop is one of San Angelo's Art Sheep. They have them all over San Angelo. I've got pictures of quite a few of them. I don't believe I have pictures of all them. Which I may be posting, just so I can keep up with my blog.