Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemon Cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers
I wanted to post this picture of my heirloom Lemon Cucumbers that I have been growing in my garden. My hubby said he thinks these are the best cucumber he has ever eaten, they are very good. They are called Lemon Cucumber because of their shape and size. They don't have a lemon taste though. I plan to use them for Bread and Butter pickles, if I can enough before they are eaten.

I had been waiting and watching for my butterfly, checking everyday. However last week was very busy for me. I was helping every evening with Vacation Bible School at my church. Started working out at Curves. So one morning last week I went out to check and my butterfly had come out of it's Chrysalis, only I had missed it!!! I have to say I was a bit disappointed!!

Today I went out to the craft cottage to make some greeting cards, but I ended up doing some cleaning instead. Which it really needed. I'm not finished, but I can now see my work table. My sweet husband came out and said " I don't think you could get another thing in here", Hmmmm is that a challenge?

Between my garden and everything else going on I haven't had much time to work on my crafts, but I hope to get back to my crafting very soon!!! I have several projects I would like to finish before the summer is over.


Lesley said...

Until you'd mentioned these to me yesterday Donna I'd never heard of them and apparently, yes, they are available to grow in this country too.I'll get J on to it! As you know, anything edible I try to grow just dies lol!
Lovely to have such a long visit on the phone with you yesterday.
Have a good week my friend.

artistamyjo said...

Lemon cucumbers are a favorite of mine,these look delicious.
hugs, Amy

Nancy said...

So funny that I saw my first lemon cucumbers yesterday at the Farmer's market.....and here you are with them today. I think it's meant for me to try some, don't you.....

Have a great day....

Chicken Licken said...

What a shame about the butterfly. Those cucmbers look fab, might have to try them too!

saltbox treasures said...

We love lemon cucumbers too. I can't believe you already have some ripe. It has been so wet here, I don't think we're putting a garden in this year.
Thanks for visiting and following my blog.
~ Julie

Pammy said...

Hi Donna, hope all is well in cucumber land ;) Hey I picked two this evening that were REALLY yellow..much more so than the others. Wonder if it is because it's getting hotter out? Will taste test tomorrow and we need to remember to save seed from some and not eat them all up LOL xxooxx Pammy

Zoechaos said...

Hello sweetheart, I am sorry just been up to my eyes, Craft-Room Challenge went off like a rocket and all my time seemed to be spent visiting people from there.

Never heard of Lemon cucumbers and not being much of a vegetable gardener might never get to taste one but they look very interesting.

So sorry you missed seeing your butterfly emerge perhaps it will send its offspring to you :) Letting it live and develop was a lovely thing to do.

Right gotta go but it would be great to catch up with you again XOXO Zoe

Savories of Life said...

I think these are really neat looking! Maybe we will grow them next year.

Sandy Michelle said...

I have never seen those types of cucumbers-wow! I hope you get a chance to take a break and do some crafting soon :)

Sandy xox

Sherry said...

I love to see what is growing in peoples gardens. We have not even planted tomatoes, or any other vegies this year. I think the rain made me think it wasn't time yet. Really, there have been many distractions. I hope you get a chance to do some crafting but the opportunity to watch your garden grow is a pretty cool thing too.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Donna,
These are so interesting, I love cucumbers (one of my favs), I think I must investigate further.
Thanks for posting my giveaway button, good luck.
enJOY a lovely week,

Linda said...

Lemon cukes sound wonderful.
Isn't it amazing how quickly the craft studio gets trashed... I make such a mess when I am working and then finaly have to just stop and regroup!
I wanted to let you know I am having another Giveaway and I'd love for you to enter. There are 2 prize pkgs. Hope you can join in.
Blessings, L
(You'd better start stashing those cukes or there won't be any left for pickles!)

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!! Im now a follower!Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us all!.If you get a chance id love it if you checked out my blog, we have Vintage in common and i also usually give away freebies too!
Hugs June
P.s Love the Herb garden pics!