Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Texas Cattle and Bluebonnets
My OH and I had to drive to Brenham, TX on business today. The drive was beautiful, there were fields of Bluebonnets, the Texas state flower. This spot where we stopped to take the photo was very popular. Cars were lined up on the side of the road taking pictures. This time of year I always think of my mom, her birthday would have been in a few days. We always took a drive around her birthday to see the Bluebonnets, she loved Bluebonnets!!! So do I and I'm sure almost every Texan.


Lesley said...

I wonder if your bluebonnets are the same as our bluebells???? Beautiful pic Donna!!
Lesley x

Donna said...

I googled English bluebells
and here are Bluebonnets
So there is a difference.

Donna said...

OK I don't think you can follow these links, I try them on Tanda forum.

Rose said...

The bluebonnets are so pretty! Yay! So glad to have you on my blog!!! Hugs!

stephanie@craftylolly.com said...

Hi Donna,
I didn't know you had a blog, that's awesome, now I can check up on you on a regular basis because I am rarely on flickr.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and your sweet comment. I think we are both very lucky girls to have our little craft spaces, but you especially because you have your own cottage sighhhhh!!

Thanks for the link, and I'm linking you right back.

Celestial Charms said...

We are blessed with those lovely flowers, aren't we. I, myself prefer to see the cows. We have plenty of them near our home. I like to just stop my car and watch them.

Nina said...

Lovely photo!!

sue law said...

Hi Donna, what an awsome pic ..grazing the blue bonnets! As you know already I'm so envious...cannot grow blue bonnets (known as lupins here, I always get huge aphids on them that totally kill them.)....can grow blue bells though...but we do have a bit of a problem here...namely the spanish bluebell..it has thicker leaves and no scent..the true english blue bell has very thin leaves and loads of heavenly scent!..the two interbred to give something looking like the english bluebell but having no scent. luckily the blubs I planted that I brought from our last house seem to have ketp true to the true English ones!