Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter
There are two holidays I love Thanksgiving and Easter!! Easter is a time that I really reflect on what Jesus, my Savior has done for me!! He is Risen!!!
When I was little my mom would go all out, making me a beautiful new dress, buying me shining new black shoes, a new hat, gloves and if I could talk her into it a new purse. But my favorite was the new slip, the kind that made my dress stick out and made a crackle sound when I sat down. LOL
When we went to the breakfast table, there was always a big chocolate egg sitting at each plate. Than in the after church we would have an Easter Egg hunt. I love the memories....
We have our own traditions now. My boys are too big for Easter egg hunts now, but I still buy them each a chocolate bunny.
Easter reminds me of Spring. I love the wildflowers and to take a drive through the country to see the Bluebonnets.
I also get the urge to dig in the dirt, to clean out the flower beds, plant flowers of all colors.
Easter......smell of flowers, Easter candy, pretty pastel colors in the stores. These are things that bring a smile to my face!!


Lesley said...

Lovely to see you blogging again Donna. Your memories of easter are very similar to mine!!! Happy Easter to you and yours
Lesley xxx

Zoechaos said...

Great restart to your blog Donna. What wonderful easters you had. Happy Easter.

Celestial Charms said...

This was a lovely post. Memories are what build our foundations in life, and your Easter one is precious. Easter has become my favorite holidy in the past few years. It used to be Christmas, but Easter-time is a more relaxed, reflective experience for me. It is also the favorite of my seven year old daughter and 6 year old son. Maybe because when "Mom is happy, everyone's happy!"