Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jasper, Texas

This last weekend I was in Jasper, TX for a Mother/Daughter Retreat. It was very much a blessing. I was with the daughters when they separated for their special classes and crafts. I taught one of the classes and when the Retreat was over I got a hug from each one. Well when it was time to leave my friend's car wouldn't start. So we were forced to stay over night. Thanks to Lisa Long and her family, who let us stay the night at their home. Here is a picture of their wonderful home. Sunday we went with them to church. For those of you are are Watching American Idol, you will be familiar with Michael Sarver. We went to his church and he was there that morning. He lead one of the worship songs, he has a beautful voice!! That was just the icing on the cake of a already wonderful weekend.


Carol said...

Hi Donna

Gorgeous house! Glad you enjoyed your retreat - I know you've another busy week - ENJOY!!


Lesley said...

Hi Donna,
Indeed what a lovely home. So glad you had such a good time.
Lesley x