Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sorry I haven't been around much!!

Had my first craft table. I so was busy making handcrafted items for it. I made more wall hangings, bookmarkers and these snowmen ornaments. Each one is different. I used the clear glass balls you can buy at craft stores, beads, vintage jewelry, all kinds of embellishments and lots of glitter!!! I'm planning to make some more to sell at another craft show here in my home town, but this one will be closer to Christmas. I will show the wall hangings here in a few days.


Farm Girl said...

Those look really cute. I hope you do very well, my daughter in law is doing a craft table for the first time this year. Maybe next year I will get up the nerve. :)

artistamyjo said...

I imagine you will sell them all,they are darling!

Lesley said...

Such a fun craft table. Hope you sold lots!!! Lots of lovely Christmas prettiness!

Sherry said...

Your ornaments are so adorable. I have not visited many blogs lately but I had been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. It was good to visit today and I hope this fall is a blessed one for you.

Sandy Michelle said...

Gosh they are so cute!! BTW you can use any clear glue to adhere your transparent image to your bottle.

Sandy xox

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable.I especially like the first one with the little jewels on them:)

Hope you do well!