Monday, April 4, 2011

Visiting the Farm

This morning I went to see my friend Pammy, she grows organic and heirloom vegetables. It's still early in the growing season, so her plants are still babies. So I posted some pictures I've taken through the years past. Except this one, I never leave empty handed, she shared these wonderful vegetable plants with me. In the background you can see my little raised garden bed. It's small and this photo makes it look even smaller. I hope they will grow and that I don't kill them? Thanks Pam!!!


Zoechaos said...

Gorgeous lush plants and the results from last years someone has green fingers! Doubtless you will be fine with yours XOXO Zoe

Pammy said...

Wow, the first time I've seen these pics. You sure are a wonderful photographer. Must certainly be the artist in you!! I'm so excited your getting to garden in your new raised beds. xxooxx

Lesley said...

Ooo you have summer flowers and vegetables growing already. My pepper plants are only 2 inches high at the moment lol!